“ Don’t Stop ” – for egoist thought –

There is a part of us

That will not stop,

Tugged by the other

With egoist thought,

On all that matters

Of living life sought,

As an ultimate factor

Would dissertate not,

What the other fosters

Said vantage together,

For what soul bought

And so found garner,

As life’s integral state

Tho now to discover,

Be of dubious grace

Soul can but borrow,

Our meagre lifespan

Held bogus of equity,

Amounting to nought

Put aside the self-pity,

With a brief time allot

For extent it shall hold,

That may ne’er realize,

Dream of eon time bold

In borrowed life implied…


Yet want be part of don’t stop

Thus to prevent a love nought,

Who’d not shed want be alive

When life together ’tis a must,

From ye newborn to grown old

Said reaching so until near dust!


                                                                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier



6 thoughts on ““ Don’t Stop ” – for egoist thought –

  1. Brilliant! There is a part of us that will not stop, even when we recognize that we may be on the wrong path. Our ego does say – I can manage this, I will prevail. We have a “meager lifespan” so would it be best we put aside our self-pity and live in the moment and pursue those things that give joy, abundance. We live in a world that hurts and requires healing. I think this healing begins with our decision to let go of our ego. I look forward to our conversations! Have a great weekend.

    • Ah Rebecca your encouraging critiques are that much more rewarding, by the mere fact that you grasped so thoroughly the central issue of my poetic reflection. Thus so to a level that makes one feel you’d been reading my mind as I wrote. Or maybe I was reading your mind as I wrote. Whatever and in any event, it is very exciting when an intended varied faceted composition is at once interpreted by its main and central motive, as though we had been discussing the issue as I wrote. You are something else my dear friend, and a worthy critique I am happy and lucky to have. Thank you Rebecca, as I too enjoy our conversations and discussions. And a great weekend to you too!



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