“ A Love Story ” – afore the after blinds –

It started with a feeling

Tho beguiling to define,

Tells of uneasy needing

To discover love in time,

Tho may want kneading

To render a strong bind,

Should spirit risk expire

The while ye be inclined,

To sort out your desires

And meld a latent heart,

Beyond sentient intrigue

Yet afore the after blinds,

Ye so find to be in league

With a love to fill a mind,

Ye discovered unfamiliar

Amending for each other,

As to shape a certain play

Fashioned but to uncover,

A love story found to stay

With its long felt hunger,

To ne’er waver over time

Despite emotive blunders,

Be affection one will find,

In our held love paradigm!     

                                                                        Inspired by my friends RM & CS

                                                                            In Montecatini Terme, Toscana Italia

                                                                               © Jean-Jacques Fournier



4 thoughts on ““ A Love Story ” – afore the after blinds –

  1. “A love story found to stay
    With its long felt hunger,
    To ne’er waver over time”

    This poems holds an amazing spectrum of emotional understanding. Love is difficult to define, with unique qualities depending upon time, circumstances, and age. Oh, Jean-Jacques – what came through your words was the marvelous knowledge that love has the potential to continue, to remain constant. That gives me great comfort.

    • Spectrum indeed, as was the intention with which I obviously succeeded, as indicative of your munificent response, capsulizing the stages of a love story, in part as visualized in others close, in one’s own eventual fortunate experience, and not least, living life whole in varied circumstances, as well lest we forget, alas, that uncontrolled dictum of fate, called age! If for no other reason, save honouring two friends struggling with difficult conditions and distances, I am ever so pleased that these my humble words have given you comfort. Thank you my very dear friend Rebecca, for your complete understanding of this poem, and for letting me know in such detail.



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