“ Right of Choice ” – for good or bad –

You’d come to be

Aware of options,

That set you free

Of blind caution,

A right of choice

To take a chance,

Albeit with degree

Of failed advance,

Stolid to repartee

Of critic endured,

In this stage of life

Bordering mature,

When chances rife

Tho ne’er assured,

Be for good or bad

Ye can’t fail but see,

That a right of choice

Forever belongs to me!

                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier


5 thoughts on ““ Right of Choice ” – for good or bad –

    • Thank you Paulette,

      I’m pleased that you gave my reflection a second and more inclusive vision, for it scribble was in all honesty, inspired and driven by one’s individual “Right of Choice”. Like in all, somewhat abstract compose, the satisfaction multiplies with the contribution of other people’s reactive interpretations. Thus so I gratefully thank you for your well thought and enlightening reaction. Cheers…



  1. Ah, the idea of choice is deeply embedded within our spirit, our culture and our society because we associate “choice” with the concept of freedom. When we chose wisely, we open the doors to new experiences that allow us to live in harmony with ourselves. Inspiring words, Jean-Jacques.

    • A very good point, choice embedded in our spirit. If I might add, in our subconscious mind as well, were sometimes become lost, thus to a point where we are lulled into forgetting we have a distinctive choice that if abandoned will eventually be the cause of no longer deciding for ourselves. Then decisions get made for us, right or wrong, according to someone else’s comforts or beliefs that may totally be the opposite of who we are. Thus paramount to giving up our freedom. That I shan’t let happen to me, for as I said, right of choice will forever be mine, as it should for everyone. Thank you for your comment my friend!



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