“ Apologies ”- to expiate demise –

Oh so often we apologize

Just to make amends,

Or avoid being chastised

We effort find portend,

Till failing begs apprise

We seek impede condemn,

Fated waning enterprise

Of which we learn contend,

As time gorges on our pride

That leaves but dust to mend,

With a soupçon of recall guise

For the loss of once held friend,

With otiose apologies to expiate demise!

                                                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier


9 thoughts on ““ Apologies ”- to expiate demise –

    • Clanmother commented on “ Apologies ”- to expiate demise –

      “Just to make amends,
      Or avoid being chastised
      We effort find portend,”

      The act of apologizing is complex for behind the words can be a broad range of emotions and motivations as noted in your poetry. A contrite heart is the basic for authentic remorse and the first step to healing. Always a joy to stop by, Jean-Jacques.

      Thank you Rebecca,

      I always look forward to your views and comments on my reflections, and have never been disappointed. Thank you again for this fertile comment.

      Thus so, once more you have very well highlighted the purpose and intent of this “Apologies” scribble. Alas, and hopefully, they for whom the hat fits will find sufficient inspiration in my musings, so as to not be the subject looser, or an inconsiderate imposer of unnecessary apologies.


  1. You have done it again, dear Jean-Jacques: Composing a poem of your exceptional creative talent. (I miss being here, by the way . . . just so that you have heard it from me, and not through the grapevines.) My best wishes for you and yours, as always.

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