“ Grieving ” ~ time neglected ~

I grieve for time

Passing unseen,

Tho anxiously

I try to redeem,

An absurd task

Held be a dream,

Behind the mask

That only seems,

Assuage ones fear

Now less than keen,

When down the line

Reality finds clear,

That life left behind

Actualizes many years,

Yet neglected tell my mind

There’ll be life past the tears,

For obtuse squandered assign

Has me grieving, now ill timed!



                                                            © Jean-Jacques Fournier




8 thoughts on ““ Grieving ” ~ time neglected ~

    • Apart from saying thank you for your positive reaction, I can only add that becoming more acutely conscious of time neglected passing unseen, does not make of me a more credible or insightful person, but rather one who speaks with the experience of eons of time on this planet. Thus so knowing that all good things last not forever, one tends to look back over time, and notice sadly that some of that neglected unseen time might have had shareable treasure unfortunately lost. Thank you Paulette, for your continued attention to my scribbles.



  1. I agree with Paulette – time becomes more precious as we move along our timeline. I grieve over time “wasted” worrying for what the future holds (which never came to pass). I grieve for profound moments that I did not fully appreciate because my mind was on other more “important” matters (which they were not). Living in the moment takes strength and courage.

    • Thank you, Rebecca, and yes as to you agreeing with Paulette’s comment I can but echo my reply to you, and, of course, agree with your closing line. Thus so, while adding to your strength and courage, the element of consciousness, if one is to minimize neglected time passing unseen. Jean-Jacques


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