“ Apostrophizing ” ~ to form a connection ~

We’re held believe,

Life offers beings

A state perceived,

As an apostrophe

Of human needs,

Held best allayed

By transient bond,

Save best ignored

Till they abscond,


Of guile abound,

With ignobility

Of such ineptness,

As to apostrophizing

To form a connection,

Holds short imagining

Word worth excogitation!

                                                                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier



10 thoughts on ““ Apostrophizing ” ~ to form a connection ~

    • Hey Paulette… You hit the nail right on the head, especially with Canada being accused of its steel and aluminum industries now being a security risk to its US customers, by President Trump, and that his applying a 25% and 10% respectively to their prices, will solve the so-called security problem, as nobody will notice US prices going up on the converted manufactured American products. If the USA cannot trust Canada, who can they, pray tell! Jean-Jacques


    • Hey Rebecca,

      Your right on all three counts, about life’s offer, save after living all these years, I get the feeling that life, and the masterminds, who design the elements that forms the whole of what we end up living, like it or not, substitutes the positives, with apostrophized inventions of self-serving solutions… simply because they are not up to the task of doing it period. Don’t take my word, just flip through the pages of history all the way back. In other words, having amassed huge amounts of wealth, in spite of their human failings, leaders have come to believe they are superior, ignorant of the doctored systems that got them there, to overpower we the general citizenry who can but accept, the state perceived, for power uses its power to finance with controlled administration they’ve labelled democracy. Democracy of the people, for the people, and by the people in power, who control with said power. The large majority if not all are not worthy or capable are sitting on the pinnacle of power that controls our lives. The few that are, are barely heard lost in the proverbial numbers.



      • Thank you, Jean-Jacques – I do enjoy our conversations. Just recently, my friend’s sister passed away. Her obituary gave me pause. She worked for 44 years, had children, grandchildren, friends. She loved bingo, bowling, baking bread, creating art. Her name will never be on a building; nor will she be noted for giving millions to a charity. And yet, her live was well lived. She was loyal to her family, her co-workers, her bowling team. She created joy for those around her. She will be remember by many for the love she bestowed, not for the wealth she amassed.

  1. Et voilà…of your friend, you can eaisely say, a state persieved as an apostrophe of her conscious or unconscious influence to some degree, by her life’s surrounding social elements, dreams, ambitions, and her ability as well as tenaciousness to achieve the choices of a state said perceived. Mind you many have, and or will step out of the proverbial box to take a chance rather than a choice. I’ve known one or two, so to speak.

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