“ The Consequence ” ~ of forgetfulness ~

You come to believe

Thru serene control,

Had then so achieved

A mind now set bold,

Held made concede

Put memory on hold,

Save too little known

Of significance told,

When recall has flown

To a mindless absent,

Tho spirit may mourn

Fickle fate will consent,   

With memory conform

To consequence bent,

Of forgetfulness shorn!

                                                                                    written in Italia, May 3, 2018

                                                                                            © Jean-Jacques Fournier



4 thoughts on ““ The Consequence ” ~ of forgetfulness ~

  1. Forgetfulness – this is a great fear for all because it takes away the sum of our experiences and the connections that have been made over the years. As I was reading, I though of the Lethe, the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion. There may be times that we would prefer not to remember, but when we deny those memories, we limit who we are. Always a joy to see your posts come in my “reader.”

    • I do like your take on this ever-threatening subject, as time having its way with memory which indeed is as in the meaning of the Classic Greek word, means literally reaching as far as oblivion.

      That very thought had me elaborate on the consequences of forgetfulness, and a young mother’s wise advice in the early stages of my life, held to always put things back in the same place, so as to not waste life’s miserly precious time searching. This was to apply in all manner of things, orderliness, thoughts, obligations, and all forms of commitments so to speak. That philosophical approach to living life has served me well.

      Thank you, Rebecca, for the reciprocal joy your attention gives to my humble reflections.



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