“ That Comfort ” ~ of resolve ~

You live with an issue

That stresses excess,

Thus until out of tissue

You’re forced address,

With corrective venue

Holds offer regress,

For needy disinvolve

That comfort will asset,

Hence set-up dissolve

That allows find repress,

In life’s thin resolve

Comfort will redress,

While fate confabulates absolve

Though it leaves you out of breath,

You’ve yet love of life reasons to evolve!


                                                                      © Jean-Jacques Fournier




6 thoughts on ““ That Comfort ” ~ of resolve ~

    • Yes, love of life is indeed a good reason to evolve, as in to keep on growing, each in our own way, as long as we breathe. One has to feel alive, to stay alive. That kind of thinking, philosophy, and singing of “Stayin’ Alive”, kept that 1977 English Pop group, the Bee Gees’ brothers ultra-famous for a very long and enjoyable time.

      Thanks again Paulette, for you’re always appreciated accolades…



    • Sometimes all it takes to do so, is the awakening from too long dwelling on stressful issues that drag on to an unbearable excess. Do so without procrastinating, and well before chancing to lose said love of life, for there is always a way to find timely resolve. Find it and voilà, you’ll be singing the Bee Gees’ “Stayin Alive” along with Clanmother Rebecca.

      Thanks again, my friend!



    • I am indeed honoured, as well as flattered to have words of my scribble “That Comfort” reflect something that you actually lived. Thank you Diana, for sharing this experience with me.



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