“ Humanity ” ~ a contradiction ~


I endeavour to be there

For alleged fellowman,

Whose illusionary care

Rejects an offered hand,

Has humanity in doubt

That he fails understand,

What transience is about

Links affair to be human,

Save finds a contradiction

In homo sapiens’ acumen,

As to mans interpretation

With a passion to contrive,

We’d ignored his fixations

The while we’re still alive,

Yet ‘twould be our inaction

Cause averts man to survive,

And procrastinating factions

Who’d be hell bent to divide,

Thus we’d not live to next tide!


                                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier



8 thoughts on ““ Humanity ” ~ a contradiction ~

    • Thank you, Marina… Viewing your recent path trip through that beautiful wild scenery ending on a vista of that far away city (my world) of so-called modern man, so to speak, contributed to inspire me in tying up the loose ends of this poem, with which I had been struggling for the last few days. Thank you for this my friend from Greece, and I repeat your inspiring, creative photography!



      • …the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, huh?! I am so very flattered, my dear friend and delighted to hear that! Likewise, my dear Jean-Jacques, likewise!

    • Thanks again Paulette… for your continued ongoing support of positive comments on my struggle to scribble meaningful reflections on my attachment to life. Not to overlook how I see us, myself and my fellow-beings attempt to find ways to keep this world alive in spite of the negativity and uncaring attitudes of others, save for themselves, the latter of which composes far too many in positions of power and ability to make a difference.

      I suppose my natural naivety as a writer of sorts, keeps me believing that every little bit of putting it out there, may someday help, and I keep hoping!



  1. Ah, my dear friend – in the midst of noise, anger, and confusion, we must find a way to live boldly for each other. Your words “I endeavour to be there…” is a deep-seated need to be present, to give hope even though we might experience rejection. “While we’re still alive,” is a call to action. We live a finite existence. This is our time, our watch. Will we settle for “inaction?”

    • To answer your question, “Will we settle for ‘inaction?’… I’ve a feeling we’ve already started to wake up, if the “Me-Too” exposing movement, and the protests to gun control by the students and their adult supporters, to at least name these two are any indication. Once we start to realize that we need to be more astute in choosing our electorate, worldwide, this planet as I see it may well have a decent chance at survival.



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