“ Stop The World ” ~ I want to get off ~

Stop the world,

I want to get off,

Its lethal whirl

I’ve had enough,

Held toxic while

Man efforts cure,

To anew beguile

Alters not lure,

Or endless excess

Yet denies blame,

Nor will redress

Be damage insane,

He’d ne’er confess

Of liable fed game,

To play you along

Alludes now tame,

For what fits best

On world die-cast,

Man did but infest

Wanted all too fast,

And won’t give rest

Known nothing lasts,

With barely time left!


3 thoughts on ““ Stop The World ” ~ I want to get off ~

  1. Our world is addicted to speed, drama, crisis – it seems to make us feel alive. I don’t want to be part of “that world.” I want to embrace compassion and a creative spirit. So let’s stop that world, and get off at the next stop. Another thoughtful post to begin my day. Thank you, dear friend!!!

    • It does indeed get to you after a while… this forced upon, speeding away one’s life to force us to keep up with the momentum of our over-hungry, over-anxious, over-greedy, power mongers… ever pushing for more of everything of our ever-shortening consumer built-in obsolescent goods and services. This fellow human sadly see this to be the new generation’s heritage. Not much for which to be proud, is there ?



      • You reminded me of a BobDylan quote: “People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient and then repent.” Today, I am happy I shared a conversation with a dear friend. Thank you, Jean-Jacques

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