“ Conversations ” ~ with me, myself and I ~

I am curiously held aware

Being conscious of converse,

That it’s natural to beware

In an age amorally perverse,

Where humankind despairs

Of conversations so adverse,

Suggesting interest to be fair

Yet holds intent to be averse…


Tho it be of and by myself

I fancied be a person free,

That which would dominate

The better part of early me,

Who’d ideate a perfect fate

To fill that emptiness I see,

In dreams imaging a wake

Conversely so I want to flee…


Be a time knew not of fast

Nor forcing to make haste,

Or find way to further last

In concert with moral taste,

Whose worth would so cast

The value of contented state,

While forgetting not the past

To help shape avert mistakes,

In conversations that will task

Beyond with me, myself and I!

                                                                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier



7 thoughts on ““ Conversations ” ~ with me, myself and I ~

    • Merci Diane, and of course, you are correct, tho not only in the city, but worldwide, by the majority of humans, by choice, or circumstance. Circumstance, if you are living close to death looking for something to eat, as a result of the world’s by choice human greed.

      Though in my poem the “me, myself, and I” is a kind of brumous or purposely veiled camouflaged, rather failed metaphor, for someone talking to one’s self and a kind of thinking out loud about going thru life with one’s self alone, as we all are in our minds, at once conscious, and at once not.

      Somewhat complicated, but then again, so is life!



  1. In our world of noise – and there is a great deal of noise “out there” – we rarely respond to our need for internal reflection, especially in our complex and challenging environment. Your words, “perfect fate” “emptiness” “haste” “free” “dominate” highlight the emotional stressors that we experience. A mind at rest creates the optimum circumstances for life-affirming conversations.

    Always a joy to read your words…

    • And in return, dear Rebecca, I have the pleasure of your attention, intelligent critiques, and by extension the joy of knowing that should the occasion call for, you will bring forth a few lines or a verse of an appropriate poem of mine that suits to frame or paraphrase a subject under discussion. That for me is the ultimate compliment of recognition that keeps my humble words alive, which makes me feel the many years of scribbles and book publication, have not been entirely for naught.

      Thank you my kind friend!



      • I enjoy our conversations and discussions, my dear friend. What would life be without words, poetry and music – I cannot bear to imagine such a state of existence.

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