“ A Boy ” ~ face down ~

A boy floating on a rug,

May have better chance

Than with mother’s hug,

Who wants effort enhance

Survival on a perilous tug,

Fleeing seditious advance

Save errant boat capsized,

In a bid to flee the conflict

Where peace be said alive,

But its refuge not explicit

As bureaucracy deprives,

In silence to the desperate

A boy’s fate is compromised,

To be sadly found face down

On a rocky surf too helpless,

As man wallows in indifference…


How to save a drowning child

From a country war torn toll,

In spite of civil servants’ bile

Held wanting a declare untold,

For said bureaucrat’s dusty file

Ignores a child’s reaching hold,

Finds fellowman fail, to go the mile!


                                            in memory of a boy called Alan Kurdi,

                                                   and all war-torn children sacrificed,

                                                           thru man’s warring need for greed!

                                         © Jean-Jacques Fournier


6 thoughts on ““ A Boy ” ~ face down ~

    • Thank you, Paulette for sharing my expression of hopelessness toward man’s indifference to seriously righting the conditions that would finally put an end to the persecution of the helpless, and most especially the innocent children.



  1. I share your horror of what is happening to innocent children. As Plato said so many years ago, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Your voice speaks for many…

    • Thank you Rebecca… and yes the world of humans do share the horror. But what of they, in worldwide positions of power, who lord it over all of us to impose living conditions of all sorts including laws against killing our fellowman? Surely they must by now realize that war also kills one’s fellowman. They who also believe themselves to be as human as we. Must we surmise they have taken Plato’s saying literally, to the point waiting out the warmongers to have us all dead, so that only they, the warmongers will get to see the end of wars?

      Forgive the rantings of one who has witnessed wars since the 2nd world war onward, and must now face the fact that he can no longer live long enough to see and read about a world finally at complete peace.



      • When my father went to war (WWII), and bid his family farewell, he heard the sounds of his mother playing the piano as he went down the driveway. I cannot imagine how lonely, how helpless, how powerless she felt all alone playing the piano. I share your rant.

  2. And in one form or another, the rant must continue. Like the baby steps of the early Suffragettes, that led to the larger ones, which eventually got them the vote, to these very current days of the MeToo backlash, humans can not letup. Because doing so will allow the warmongers to get even worse and or more oppressive!

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