“ Conjugated People ” ~ by shade ~ the poem.


People are played

To lend disorder,

Sorted by shade

Ranked in colour,

Thus to persuade                                                        

Reluctant objectors,

Thence to dissuade

They who so claim,

Black white or other

Meant be the same,

Yet ignore brothers

Made suffer in vain,

A hand that fosters

Segregationist game,

To ostracize druthers

While man plays blind,

To coloured skin cause

Gives marginalized time,

And its racists’ applause

Conjugates them by shade,

Fixed in fellowman’s mind!


                                       oh to find survive, as a one people world,

                                                         with a rainbow coloured spine!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier



6 thoughts on ““ Conjugated People ” ~ by shade ~ the poem.

    • Thank you Paulette, and hopefully this crazy world will one day look back on the likes of such reflections, and wonder why it was found necessary to speak out on and against racism and people colour issues.



  1. Humanity likes to create boxes to organize thoughts, people, ideas, sentiments, emotions, and the list goes on. What we require is a broader understanding of who we are because it allows us to look beyond the ordinary and see the extraordinary that surround us. If not, we limit ourselves by placing ourselves in one of those boxes. You always make me think deeply. Thank you…

    • Thank you, Rebecca… One good turn deserves another. Thus so your interest in what I have to say on like, and or even most subjects that I poke at or dig into, assures me that I am not alone to care.Your responses remind me that we are the grains of sand necessary to form the whole, if our world is to continue to exist.



      • How beautifully said, Jean-Jacques. I am undertaking a huge project of digitalizing my father’s photos from the 1930 – 1960. I did not know how emotional this project would be. Your words “grains of sand” resonate. My grandmother said that life was a flash. At 15 I did not believe her. But now…well my dear friend, I enjoy and relish the moments. Many thanks for your words of wisdom.

      • Thank you, Rebecca, for the encouraging comment which I humbly accept. Digitalizing 30 years of photos, sounds like a enormously enterprising project… Bonne chance, dear friend!



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