Conjugated People ~ by shade ~ the book.

Conjugated People ~ by shade ~

A new book of Poetry on a Canapé, by Jean-Jacques Fournier

This is to announce the publication of my 14th book of poems.

product_thumbnail.php Conjugated People ~ by shade ~

New publication:

a Poetry on a Canapé book,

To purchase this 14th book of poems, click here

9 thoughts on “Conjugated People ~ by shade ~ the book.

    • Thanks again Rebecca, and yes I suppose it is a good way to start 2018, in spite of having taken all of 2017 to put this one together. This one has given me the additional pleasure of feeling it is my best one since I had my first book published back in 2007.



    • Thank you again, my dear friend and faithful supporter and promoter. You’re drawing attention will not be misguiding, as with time and years of writing experience in my chosen medium, one is likely to get better. As the saying goes, one’s last is usually ones best…as I am already working on and well into #15, I can simply state that this, my latest is truly worthy of the title, the best yet!



  1. Heartfelt congratulations, dear Jean-Jacques! You are an amazingly disciplined writer, not to neglect the fact how incredible your poetry is. Best wishes, as always, to you and yours, dear friend!

    • Thank you dear friend, for taking the time, for I know well how very busy you must be, with your own just published new book of poetry, not to mention your other assorted educational and teaching occupations. Your kindly sentiments as to my scribbles are indeed most touching, as well as encouraging.



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