“ Let Me In ” ~ I want to live ~

Let me in, he pled,

I’m so frightened

And so hungry

I’m near dead,

Thus in a world

Without a stead,

He finds has bled

Away the heart

Of they he’d beg,

A place to start

That he may live,

Among the fated

Who would give,

Tho humble gift

Said kindly deed,

Plied moral lift

That he may seed

Enough for those,

Who needed feed

The debt one feels

To they who chose,

Should let him in

That he may live!

                                       ode to they who chose to let in,

the ravaged by war and terror…

                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier      


6 thoughts on ““ Let Me In ” ~ I want to live ~

    • You are right, of course, on both counts, and hopefully so, humanity will do what so-called human beings ought to be doing, which at the very least is to give support to help our fellow humans, starting with putting aside differences, as well as being intolerant to racism, biases and anti everything that is different culturally, religiously, and nationalistically.

      We were all born without a choice of where and what nationality, in the very same manner as our fellow beings who were and are now forced to find refuge elsewhere to survive. As the old saying of the faithful goes… Oh, but for the grace of God go I ! Whether you are a believer or not, the same basics, be it karma of other apply.



    • Yes indeed, what a world… There was a time, our world, this planet had no borders. Then the Greeks, one of the three ancient civilizations, who with the Romans and the Persians, but starting with the Greeks convinced the masses, the ignorant, that democracy was the way to go for a better life for all. Unfortunately for the masses, the originators left out explaining the fine print, ergo the already rich got richer and wealthier thus more powerful and the poor got poorer, without money to speak of, and power to wonder about. Throughout history mankind’s elite have maneuvered the masses to do their beck and call by using the so-called politicians, the wealthy’s proverbial pawn, from the birth of democracy to the end all of the political blunders, a man called Donald Trump, who along with that other brilliant monster, held human specimen Kim Jong-un, could well bring this planet to an early end anytime momentarily. Thus so with a slip of the finger on their magic buttons. And we, the balance of high intelligence have chosen to give access to the likes of these two earthly creatures, to do with our lives as they please.

      So much for my political history 101, to acknowledge your kindly reflection on my humble effort at poetic commentary to make a point on the sad state of our fellow person, having in mind, that adage of “there but for the grace of whoever is in charge, go I”

      And here we are you and I, reasonably intelligent people, with all due respect possibly far more so than the average… having an exchange on the condition of mankind, reflecting on the sadness of this our said world. Again yes indeed “what a world”, and the beat goes on at the mercy of the Trumps and the Jong-un of our world!

      I apologize for suggesting, an exchange, but your comment opened my flood gates.

      Have a happy 2018…



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