“ The Ascendancy ” ~ reaching beyond ~

There is a time,

All has been said

Exceeds the line,

Of hapless dread

Reaching beyond,

Said soul be bled

By they who bond,

To destroy means

Of righting wrongs,

As empowered few

Willfully prolong,

Their financial stew

Of concocted chicanery

That maximize greed,

The while they control

All financial proceeds,

Till we succumb whole

As bankers watch bleed,

We cashless poor souls

Of ignored human needs,

Beg of credit card moles

To restore coins you feel,

Razed as ascendancy spoils!


                                                           ode to bankers & credit-card Tzars


4 thoughts on ““ The Ascendancy ” ~ reaching beyond ~

    • Thank you Paulette. Yes indeed timely, if in fact not too late, as to wake up our electorate who need to quash the exuberant ambitions of the VISA and all the other leaders of credit card and banking gurus whom by and among other means aspire to totally dominate the financial world by removing cash currency, allowing credit cards full control of the monetary system, with shylark money lending interest rates of 20% plus. Ergo eliminating the competition of cash buying. Talk about “big brother is watching”… he was a baby sitter compared to these pirating piranhas who now head our financial world, with the help of our brother politicos, elected to look after our interests and survival, says I tongue in cheek!


  1. We live in interesting times. The age of consumerism is now in the waning years. Life is more than buying a new shirt or a new car. What we are looking for is much more profound – we are looking to heal our souls. And we do this by participating in a compassionate community. Thanks for creating a space for open, joyful and honest dialogue!

    • You’re welcome Rebecca…Yes my friend, slaves of consumerism and hopefully as you suggest it is an addiction that is indeed waning as a trade in for experiencing life in a meaningful way. Though to attain this level of life, the temptations of our existing standards, peopled by the devils who are forever manipulating their fellowman to gorge themselves beyond their means, they whom I speak of in my Ascendancy poem will sooner than later have to be brought under control. Do you suppose our elected representative have or will have the will and honesty to finally do what is needed?

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

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