“ Knowing ” ~ what I think ~

Though some profess

Knowing what I think,

Divining thus, at best

Held a dubious blink,

Yet claim pursuer eyes

Find enter with a wink,

Adept at reading wise

Human or robotized,

In man too often blind

Hence so to scrutinize,

A baseless notional line

Of thought unrealized,

Alleged did fit my mind

Asserting ‘tis not guise,

This thought said known

Might ne’er materialize,

As knowing what I think

May not want to survive!

                                     © Jean-Jacques Fournier



6 thoughts on ““ Knowing ” ~ what I think ~

    • How does someone presume to even suggest they can ever know what someone else is thinking… The way I see it, it is for the most part difficult, to say the least, to transmit our thoughts in a way they will be understood accurately. Yet some actually believe they can know someone else’s thought. There must be some kind of magic I’ve not yet discovered…! Thanks Paulette.


  1. Listening is the most difficult discipline to learn. I don’t think we every master listening to understand. We listen to respond, to argue, to persuade. Understanding is an entirely different process. We all know that the outcome of understanding produces so many marvelous outcomes. I often wonder why we don’t give more attention to mastering this skill. Something to think about!

    • Thanks Rebecca. You are absolutely correct, and I might add that if we could learn to truly listen no doubt the presumption that leads someone to ridiculously say they know what the other is thinking would be eliminated.


    • Absolutely… because it is our one and only life, and no one should impose their thoughts that may be, contrary to our well being, especially if their impositions are base on believing the impossible of actually being able to read our minds.

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