“ To Peregrinate ” ~ and thus engage ~

From an early age

You learn to move,

And thus engage

Though behooves,

A youthful apathy

Of apposite adage,

Save such be stage

Of likely oblivion,

Finds cause negate

Unripe constraints,

Who’s yet to image

Life peregrinate,

To eventual restraint!

         © Jean-Jacques Fournier


4 thoughts on ““ To Peregrinate ” ~ and thus engage ~

    • I’ve been moving around from forever then, when early on the exploring bug bit physically and mentally, and even now at this late date the urge never ceases, thank the powers that be. Pleased that you liked it Paulette.


  1. I was thinking about how babies learn to walk. They never give up, they are focused, they have no experience upon which to draw. And yet, they learn to walk, run and jump for joy. They engage with their surroundings. May we remember to learn to walk as we move along “life’s peregrinate” A great way to start a new week, my dear friend.

    • Thanks Rebecca…What a wonderful analogy to my poem. The thought that we may remember to learn to walk as we move along life’s peregrinate, especially in this day and age where all must move ever so faster. One gets the feeling that like todays automobiles, computers and every modern day inventions has built in obsolescence. Ergo humans have also been relegated to this state of purpose and usefulness, and for confirmation, one has simply to look around at the shortage of homes for our seniors, whatever senior means, as we ease them out of their homes with ever rising taxes, and real estate dubious dealings.


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