“ Ordinary People ” ~ keep planet alive ~

If we’re to survive

Thus on this earth,

In a world less alive

Has need of rebirth,

Be ordinary people

With zeal of worth,

That renders viable

A means to unearth,

Find rescue remains

Save suffer the worst,

Holds be not in vain

Or deride mans thirst,

To keep planet alive…


So forego do-gooders

Along with currency

For self aggrandizers,

A claimer’s summery

Of deceitful attribute,

To overlook history

Of evil distribute,

Destroying the many

A concern uninhibited,

Held by people of plenty…


Alas look for people

Of coordinate kind,

Be ordinary people

With a planet in mind!


7 thoughts on ““ Ordinary People ” ~ keep planet alive ~

    • Thank you my friend… With years and conscious observation acquired over time, the history of man who attains a given level of comfort and well being, develops an adversary for change that threatens his life style, thus has him prone to maintain the status-quo for his personal lifetime. Ergo what happens to our planet, unconsciously becomes an issue of secondary matter, to be solved by future generations, of which we are fast running out, save fortunately for the ordinary people who are more and more forcing the powers that be to wake up and smell the roses.


  1. Very well said, my dear friend. It is the small acts of “unknown” people who will save our planet. And in doing so, humanity will continue. This is our time, our watch. I want to be one of those “unknown” people. Many thanks for your words – they give courage to the soul.

    • Yes dear Rebecca… and to want to be one of those, is as good as being so already. The real progress comes from those, whom as you say, are the producers of small acts, they being those who do, rather than those who say. We know of the latter, as they are easily recognizable in our newspapers and electronic communications. The conservative party leadership race is the perfect example of the latter, as in the me, myself, and I mentality…all of whom without exception inspires zilch at righting the wrongs of our world in need for survival. They are not amongst the real people of soul. They who are part of the wake up call starting to sound the need to survive, as in the Bombardier affair, exposure of the disgusting greed of the leaders on the backs of 14,000 jobs lost. Add to this our Québec and Federal governments’ weak-kneed embarrassing responses. Ergo that is not where we find the courage you speak, knowing however that it is out there, and starting to be heard.


      • Courage and unlikely places, an interesting premiss… in as much as the consciousness of courage seemingly surfaces at unlikely times and as you suggest in unlikely places. On the other hand, do we find courage, or does it find they who have the courage needed.

        Vimy Ridge 100 years ago today and the canadian boy solders, average age 15 to 20… now there is a study in courage, and one that brings a lump in my throat and a tear or more to my eyes.


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