“ A Feeling ” ~ of neglect ~

Dormant feelings

Hold affair done,

Lacking measure

Bare rate begun,

That be a feeling

Seized of neglect,

Alas demeaning

Brings one regret,

The while lingers

In vain retrospect,

Hence a prisoner  

Who can but wilt,

Without ye detect

The emotional tilt,

Of allegoric affect

Forced so to endure,

With a feeling of guilt!

                                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier



2 thoughts on ““ A Feeling ” ~ of neglect ~

  1. Ah – you have captured that feeling of loneliness that creeps into our souls from time to time!!! Your words brought back poignant memories. Thank you….

    • Hey Rebecca… Yes, capturing that feeing was the intention. It is that look on people’s faces, the tone in their voices, and the sadness in their general comportment that gives it up, sufficiently to have influenced this reflection. No surprise in these particular times, with the advent of Trump, causing insecurity world wide, what with trying to do away with health coverage, and spending on increasing armaments. That something to make one feel lonely for better days.


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