“ Awake ” ~ should fate so will ~

As I awake

To day anew,

A gift to take

Life to renew,

Fugacious stay

Be of fates will,

As each new day

For time to fill,

In meagre way

If but to have

Chosen align,

Even if halved

By failing gods

Who fall behind,

With dated skills

In garbled minds,

Too aged to fulfil

Their role per se,

Fearing their state

Renders man still,

The while awake

Should fate so will!


7 thoughts on ““ Awake ” ~ should fate so will ~

    • Thank you Paulette… Though near impossibility to right the wrongs man imposes on himself, his fellowman and our brother creatures, some of us are nevertheless indeed fortunate to survive the aforementioned downside of so called humans. Hence they who do survive beyond the average stay, must rejoice and remind that fate does at times fall on the side of favour. As one of they who is still surviving, I rejoice and remind in my cautiously awake, and guarded way! Happy Days my friend…


  1. Awake! A very interesting word, with deep nuances that speak to our need to feel alive. Awake! Awake!! Its a call to action. May we respond with enthusiasm and joyful abandon! I love stopping by…

    • I very much like your take on awake, and you’re drawing attention to the nuances of its varied meanings gives way to a more liberal interpretation. You emphasize appropriately the abstract potential of words. Thank you Rebecca for stopping by with that interesting comment.


      • Just this morning I was considering this thought: how many words are needed to express an idea? How many paint strokes convey an emotion. We are living in a world that thrives on “zoom zoom.” Something to think about on a sunny Vancouver morning. Have a wonderful day, my dear friend.

      • Thanks again Rebecca… Yes indeed awake is something to consider, on an equally sunny wonderful day in our corner of Canada. I like your paint strokes, which speak to me in words that compose a tableau. A tableau which brings me to the naiveté of the zoom zoomers, who will too soon awake to find that life is not in need of their hurry, for soon enough they like I and others of my ilk will be searching for the proverbial brake, with which to slow things down, thus so to reduce the speed of things that spell out of control. That being fate’s high speed zoom zoom rush to the end of life’s line. As you say, something to think about, especially on a sunny day like today.

        Jean-Jacques Fournier

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