“ People ” ~ by shades ~

People are played

To maintain disorder,

Sorted by shades

Made register colour,

Thus will persuade

Need fashion barriers,

To not let dissuade

No matter their claim,

Black white or other

They hold not the same,

Ignoring a brother

Save likely their name,

For souls who bother

To unclutter their mind,

Forgetting that skin

In a world colour blind,

Where people be shadeless

Fixed constant in everyone’s mind!


                                  ode to my dream, of a one people world!




6 thoughts on ““ People ” ~ by shades ~

    • Thank you Paulette, for recognizing the importance also at issue in this message. Which also begs the question of whatever happened to “Freedom of race, creed or colour”…? I purposely leave out freedom of religion and nationalism, because history since the beginning of so-called civilization, glaringly shows that both these factions have in essence been the basic causes and motivators for racism, terrorism, war and destruction. Destruction of man himself eventually. Man the very perpetrator of what will be his own undoing.


  1. I agree with Paulette – timely and a needed reminder to all that we choose our thoughts. We like an orderly world and compartmentalize in simple ways to understand our surroundings. We live in a complex, every changing world where noise from both extremes is making it very difficult to discern a balanced road. It is as if a mist covers the path. So lets bring along a strong flashlight.

    • Thank you Rebecca. My People ~ by shades ~ reflection speaks basically of the ugliness of racism and prejudicial attitude toward our fellow beings. This as to colour basically, but equally on all other fronts that puts down anything that differs from any brainwashed criteria. It is as though mankind never outgrows its childhood’s schoolday meanness. This toward the child who does not fit the preconceived mold of he and his like little friends. Ask a six year old francophone kid in an anglo school. I personally have a faint memory of this. Though in those days it was a bloody nose versus these days, of kids to adults cum colour, race, the guise of religion, or nationality etc, etc, and you have people by shades, as I said on all fronts. So I beg for a colour blind world, where people are shadeless, fixed constant in everyone’s mind. Am I too late, or will the Trumps and all the other like types of this world be trumped in sufficient time?


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