“ Life’s Time ” ~ left behind ~

In my life past,

I may have left

Some time pass,

Thus feel bereft

So precious be,

Its loss apes theft

Be sad discovery,

 One shan’t forget

Its careless waste,

Fills me with regret

For time left behind,

Thru foolish neglect

With risk ne’er find,

Be days edged lost

Has me resigned,

Demons tilt recall

Beg gives attention,

Save be offer small

Could ere well lead,

To one recovering all

With ostensible speed,

For it’s ne’er too late

To find time left behind!


2 thoughts on ““ Life’s Time ” ~ left behind ~

    • Hey Rebecca, the insight and food for thought you speak of, is in effect the more acute awareness of time, as said time cranks up its speed to eventually whiz by so fast it gets near hard to remember which day just went by. At that point I imagine looking back in time hoping time wasted left behind might somehow, in a wishful thinking manner, be recoverable.

      Thus with a little imagination, the fallacy of recovering lost time makes it more digestible to admit to precious time lost. Unfortunately, as Bernard Shaw so aptly put it, that ‘youth was wasted on the young’, is a reminder that it is not when young, but only as we age sufficiently, that we become aware of precious time is wasted, lost, or left behind, unused.

      Ergo this aging and well seasoned friend of yours is becoming ever more aware, each passing day’s increasing speed, to a near blur. It is from this growing awareness that “Life’s Time” ~ left behind ~ came to fruition. Thank you for noticing my friend!


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