“ Idle Wade ” ~ to escape pathos ~

Ye squander time

Lacking the know

Of rapid decline,

Or how long to go

Before its consign,

Will find abuse

Hence so resign,                                                           

From inert pursuit

Of animate minds,

Whose idle wade

Be comatose blind,

In a pathos shade

Of life’s meagre time!


7 thoughts on ““ Idle Wade ” ~ to escape pathos ~

  1. I am reminded by that phrase “time is of the essence” clause that is used in contractual interactions. There is a contractual obligations at a specific date and time as required in order to compel performance by the other party to the contract. We forget that we have a personal contract with time. If we don’t act by the time specified of our end, then we have breached our responsibility to live fully, completely, with joy and profound gratitude. With profound gratitude for your marvelous posts.

    • Thank you Rebecca… Excellent point, having a contractual obligation with time. Unfortunately as Shaw wrote, that youth was wasted on the young, it seems only advancing adulthood forces upon us the more pressing significance, of the speed with which time elapses. Youth makes us somewhat cavalier about time, as though it went on forever. Alas a rude awakening on the subject of time, sooner or later, comes to us all.


    • Thank you Paulette. One might even say aging has us realize a more profound consciousness of and about time, and the accelerating speed with which it eats up our designated share of it. Seems to permeate every part of us, including our sleep and our dreams.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • Ta poésie n’est pas toujours joyeuse, mais elle est vraie! La perspective sur le temps change à un certain âge (cet âge varie selon les personnes et les circonstances).

      • Eh bien oui, d’accord mes sujets ne sont pas toujours joyeux,… d’ailleurs comme l’être humain, et la vie. Mais autant que possible selon, mais connaissance et mon expérience de la vie, je croix que, mais écritures soit vraie. Et pour autant, avant d’arrivé à comprend consciemment la vitesse que le temps s’écoule, il y a comme tu dis l’âge et circonstance qui entre en jeux. Merci Diane pour ton commentaire, très apprécier!


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