“ You Want Black ” ~ in a world so marred ~

You want black

It won’t be far,

You find tracts

Of spirit’s char,

You want dark

Just look about,

Man fixed stark

And imaged sad,

In fare he’s spun

Yet ne’er regard,

The ruin he runs

To distort colour,

That will blur sun

Thus attain pallor,

Till dark turns black

In a world so marred,

There be no turning back!

                                                           ode to Leonard Cohen



4 thoughts on ““ You Want Black ” ~ in a world so marred ~

    • Hey Paulette, I too must thank you for your continued support, not to forget your continued interest and encouragement. You were one of my first supporters , and remaining thus is most touching to me,as well as you’re taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your presence and friendship in these trying and unsettling times. Thank you for being there.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Sometimes we write a few good lines, that makes us feel really good. Something of worth, though until it borders such to prompt someone’s verbal reaction, we live in doubt, close to the dark, even a shade of black. Thanks for your turning on the light comment, for this poem. A poem that I too like, realizing at its finish that Leonard’s last creation did stay with me, to the point of inspiring this my humble poetic reflection on man’s conduct, though not the bragging side of it.


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