“ A Short Death ” ~ be nocturnal sleep ~

One comes to terms

With nocturnal sleep,

Be cause for concern

It stays as brief keep,

Of enduring sojourn

To enjoy its breadth,

Save in transient term

Be but a short death,

That has us come back

In a day breaking way,

Tho ne’er assured fact

Let wishful thought play,

Thus so for more than a day!


2 thoughts on ““ A Short Death ” ~ be nocturnal sleep ~

  1. Every day when I awake, I give thanks for another opportunity to live, to laugh, to cry to hope. Most of all to connect with those who make my life joyous. And you are one of my wonderful friends who make every moment a gift.

    • Hey Rebecca…We do think along the same lines. Thus I must say that your ongoing interest and continued support in my writing does constitute the gift of encouragement one must have to pursue poetry’s medium of expression. Thank you my friend!


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