“ A Perfidious Ruse ” ~ waiting for peace ~

I wait for peace

Despite discord,

Eager to reach

Warless afford,

A pact to cease

The overboard,

Of man’s fixate

In a greed state,

While anxious

In fear I await,

The price to pay

For callous ear,

Ignored of way

To render clear,

We left behind

Chances galore,

Of unused time

To amend score,

Waiting for peace

To accentuate life,

In lieu of wanton abuse

And man’s warring rife,

He plays peace as a perfidious ruse!

4 thoughts on ““ A Perfidious Ruse ” ~ waiting for peace ~

    • Thank you Paulette, for keeping me company as we wait for peace. If good fortune survives, it would not be hard, to imagine the possibility of peace agreed, on both sides of the warring yard. Hopefully while we, and the whole of humanity is still alive, so that the upcoming generations may be sufficiently intelligent to achieve what vengeful man so far has failed to accomplish.


    • Thus to you my dear Rebecca, I echo the sentiment of my words responding to Paulette, and all who will join us, hopefully in sufficient numbers to be heard, hence sooner than later as to resound large enough to become a giant thorn on the conscience of the warring powers that influences the life and stability of this planet and all its inhabitants.


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