“ If Truth Be Told ”~ how then discern ~

If truth be told

I will yet reach,

A vision worthy

Cosmos entreats,

Not bent chicane

Of vitiate deceit,

Yet who’s to say

Man didn’t teach,

The gods sly ways,

Thus so to breach,

How then discern

Of which I speak,

Thus be held truth

Or but failed preach,

Too credible to hold

Tho history has one doubt,

Of man’s hidden truth be told!


                    this poem was inspired by the poem ‘Truth’

                                written by Xenophanes,

                                              Greek philosopher, theologian and poet.






7 thoughts on ““ If Truth Be Told ”~ how then discern ~

    • Your welcome for the enjoyment, and good for you to have picked up on that more than subtle bit of tongue in cheek humour. That which I slipped in my rather downbeat piece of poetry I called Truth, of ever more elusive meaning, especially when it is coming out of a politician’s mouth.


    • Oui, j’ai beaucoup aimé Leonard Cohen, et surtout son dernier album, ainsi que “Dance Me To The End Of Love” et autre de ses chansons les plus profondes… Merci de reconnaître “If Truth Be Told” écrit en reconnaissance du poème Truth de Xenophanes, philosophe et poète Grèce.


    • It is I who must thank you for your continued interest in my thoughts and reflection, thus through my scribbles under the guise of attempted poetry. It is my good fortune to be read by persistent you and the few others who generously take the time to contribute their comments on my humble expressions. My sincere thanks to you once more for your encouraging presence, dear friend.


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