“ The Smile ” ~ wants trick reality ~

There’s a smile

On his face,

Tho for a while

He’ll embrace,

Gathered years

Of delusory state,

His abstruse façade

Holds stuff of tears,

Thus he feigns glad

No one can hear,

What surges inside

He’ll fancy hide,

By imaging wise,

To cover sorrow

Until it subsides,

As causes held wide

Wants trick reality,

With smile that disguises!

5 thoughts on ““ The Smile ” ~ wants trick reality ~

    • Thank you my friend. I must admit, with the times that be, this poem was an easy exercise of expression and or reaction to the inventory of sorrow mankind must continue to endure. The quality of so-called saviours supposedly in place, and worse as to the present offering of those who would be king, dose bring a disguised smile upon our faces, if but to hide the present tears, and the drowning magnitude of those to come, if humanity finds not to awaken before we pass the point of no return, now within sight!

      Sorry to be the bearer of such cynicism, but I have reached a point in life where hiding places are now but a memory of childhood fantasies…


  1. We live in a world that offers complex and unsolvable problems. While we may want to live in a delusory state of grace, we will only find a measure of understanding when we lift off our “disguises.” Thank you, my dear friend, for sharing your wisdom.

    • Thank you Rebecca…Complex problems without question, but unsolvable I beg to differ. Thus so because it is man, that problem creator who is the cause of his/our existing state. The same man who on the other hand has achieved at stupendous levels. That can but suggest that if he is capable of creating, he is also capable of correcting and or resolving what ends up problematic. The world has become a society of technical giants with tremendous knowledge, capable of bypassing or exposing complex and destructive disguises. The capable whom I refer to are not the self-serving, self-appointed want to be leaders, playing the role of greedy saviors. Always appreciate your input, and exchange of points of view!


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