“ Into The Darkness ” ~ of a world going hollow ~

Sadly he fades

As will his shadow,

Ever so frayed

By lingering sorrows,

From loosing his way

To what he had left,

Be hours or days

Already too worn,

To assess his stay

Made be life norm,

Of requisite hold

Will cease exist,

As displace unfolds

Once meant to inhabit,

While rulers bent low

And annihilatingly bold,

Leads man into darkness

Of a world going hollow!





2 thoughts on ““ Into The Darkness ” ~ of a world going hollow ~

  1. Poignant! As we age, there is a realization that we are experiencing a “fading” whether it is from our career or previous titles. You reminded me that we have a choice on how we will fade…

    • Good point, as in imaging the picture I attempt, coming from another perspective. Giving it a broader reach, from looking at the reflection from the outside in, as opposed to the scribbler looking from the inside out. I really appreciate your particular view that offers a positive, requiring only that we explore the choices, though man as in the powers that be efforts ever more to control us completely. Thus being so is doing his best to take choices away from we mere mortals. Short lived hope of reform, as in the latest shenanigan in the new PMO’s two employees who are allowed to get away with their dishonest shenanigans, leads me into the darkness, of a world going hollow.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

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