“ The Façade ” ~ of a smile ~

He wears a smile

Save no surprise,

If but the while

He means to hide,

His shaded guile

Woefully apprised,

In a conjured façade…


He has known wile

In angst of sorrow,

More than enough

To find not borrow,

He’d known tears

Gathered for years

Beyond subsides,

Rendered invasive

To the outer side,

Of harbouring mazes…


Thus the façade

Blurred in guises,

Holds few surprises

Be joy or sadness                                          

That smiles disguise,                                      

Alas but for appearance!

4 thoughts on ““ The Façade ” ~ of a smile ~

    • You are absolutely correct, though it was not my intention to zero in on that now rather sad part of mankind’s regressions, it does fit the times, lest we forget some of our history’s so called servants of the people.

      Most of which were far more efficient at serving themselves, than the people, as in those trusting citizen who elected them to manage our affairs. Only a few shine, such as the likes of Abe Lincoln, FDR and peanut Jimmy who come readily to mind, in spite of the more famous names of American Presidents.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. I am heading off to Scotland for a few days, but stopped in Halifax to visit Evangeline at Grand Pre. Your thoughts fit so beautifully into the story of the Acadians. The tragedy about politics is that innocent people are needlessly hurt. Consider this description by Alfred Lord Tennyson:

    “Thus dwelt together in love these simple Acadian farmers,— Dwelt in the love of God and of man. Alike were they free from Fear, that reigns with the tyrant, and envy, the vice of republics. Neither locks had they to their doors, nor bars to their windows; But their dwellings were open as day and the hearts of the owners; There the richest was poor, and the poorest lived in abundance.”
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline

    Would it ever be so….

    Thank you for sharing your voice!!!

    • That my humble poem should bring to mind the magnificence of Tennyson is most flattering and to say the least encouraging, my dear friend Rebecca. Mind you when writing this reflection, I was thinking way beyond politicians, though I agree with you and Paulette that the words of “The Façade”does fit the sad modus operandi of the majority of the political creatures of our society. We can only and must keep pounding away at that part of humanity, if we are to succeed in preventing further degeneration, thus so to the level of the Trumps of our world.


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