“ Peace of Mind ” ~ each day defines ~

You want find

To live without


To harmonize

Peace of mind,


To fashion wise


Thus so align

With acuity,

Each day defines

Depict life whole ,

The while binds

Provide sanity,

Till fades alas,

This precious time,

Seeks find embrace

That peace of mind!

5 thoughts on ““ Peace of Mind ” ~ each day defines ~

    • And when with time wise it should be more accessible, it seems man finds a way to load one down with ever inventive negatives to make the way to peace of mind harder to reach.

      Thanks Paulette!


  1. I love how you weaved the thoughts of peace into the reality that we deal with every day. We seek peace, we long for peace, and yet, peace seems to elude us just when we think it is in sight. Peace comes in moments when we least expect it – “this precious time, seeks find embrace” – so very well said.

    • Thanks Rebecca! And I love the way you get right to the point of the matter, matter being easier said than done. With acquired wisdom exercised, you find to taste the meaning of peace of mind, and with a modicum of chance you get to live it for a time, length of which determined by ever present fate.


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