“ The Boy ” ~ who wanted to stay ~

There was a boy

Said ever glad,

For animate joy

Save he felt sad,

Its adolesce span

Exacts but a fad,

Be that so it may

Fix boy to be man,

He’d bid afar day

From stripling state,

That inevitable way

To descry adulthood,

Toward destined fate

Binds resolute say,

Held misnomer depth

Of ending youth’s stay,

He’d pursue cheat its death!


5 thoughts on ““ The Boy ” ~ who wanted to stay ~

    • Ah, my dear Paulette, you do know more about him or her than you realize. Maybe be not personally, but surely people you knew back then, in those early years, back in the valley. The felt sad I speak of is kind of superimposing what we realize later on, as in what we’re to loose in short order, entering that so called adulthood life, A life that which we are to find again when time starts to evaporate so quickly. Fortunately, wisdom seems to kick in forcing us to see the detailed beauty of our life and world, in spite of the overpowering ugliness man insists on imposing on his fellowman, alas thru his destructive nature. Thank you for the well done my friend!

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. I have been in and out of Internet access over the past weekend. We travelled to Kamloops to attend their Highland Games. As I was listening to the sounds of the bagpipes and drums, someone familiar walked past me. Amazingly, we recognized each other, even though we have not seen each other in over 35 years (can you believe that). We first met at 10 and now several decades later, our paths crossed and we talked as if the years were of no consequence. Your words spoke to me especially this morning. When we are 15, the years stretch ahead as if there is no end. Now, we look back are recognize that those years were but moments that are embedded within our spirit. And yes, we want to stay, because there is so much wonder to living the full of human experience.

    • The problem is that mankind does not fully realize the wonder of youth, at least not until it is about to, or has long past, to be buried in preoccupied adulthood. Thus so for the most part, only when time spent and the baggage accumulated finally reaches the point of turning on the light to the wondrous details of said youth. Save youth’s impatience for success by then has blinded us.

      George Bernard Shaw was right in saying that youth was wasted on the young! With this thought dear Rebecca, I will let you fill in all the blanks, as in options of human experience that hindsight offers, including what we might have done with the wisdom of age, and the energy and enthusiasm of the boy who wanted to stay… stay young that is!


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