“ The Mass ” ~ killing of minds ~

Of sanguinary incline

Whole of man be alas,

Found so unreachable

To celebrate the mass

Killing of man’s mind,

Hence to spur appetite

In amount meant bind,

With ferocity held light

As to scorn mindfulness

Of insatiable self serve,

Tho it destroys mankind…


Ever wile inner monster

Of man readily persists,

In fixing soul be blind

To his power gone amiss,

Yet demands full assign

Of his tempestuous controls,

Tho man’s dead mind matter

Ignores a bent reach for disaster!


8 thoughts on ““ The Mass ” ~ killing of minds ~

    • At this stage of man’s evolutionary discoveries, where little is left unknown that affects the day to day living of a very large portion of mankind, religion and nationalism and their pecking order of supremacy find to persist on preaching the so called unknown that threatens man’s wellbeing. Money truly is a magnificent philosophical mobilizer of ignorance for those two powerful man made self-serving invented systems. Once again, thank you Rebecca, for your always thought provoking input on my reflections!


      • I find it interesting how much reverence the collective “we” gives to wealth – so much so that it is used as a benchmark for human value. Thank you for your words and insight.

      • Thank you Rebecca, for your observation. Rather sad though that we the supposed intelligent of this planet’s species revere currency, in lieu of humane value and achievements. Doesn’t say much for human beings’ evolutionary progress, does it?


    • Happy to hear, the while hoping you appreciate the content that cries out in a subtle attempt for mankind to awaken to the powers that that be. That selfish power that is killing man and his world, all for the accumulated wealth of controlling man power’s short self-serving life.


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