“ A Different Journey ” ~ started from within ~

I’ve journeyed

Thru a life

Of many paths,

But until now

Had marginalized

Times illusive avow

In future said to last,

That moves at speed

To ever looming past,

As memory goes soft

Aiming to exploit alas,

Where finds one lost

In the fixed unknown,

Of a trip that twists

Over downward

Tilting bend,

Where bedim of elation

Be the road’s end,

In a different journey

Started from within,

Save be a singular voyage

Meant to set free of chagrin,

The while making ones amends!


6 thoughts on ““ A Different Journey ” ~ started from within ~

    • Thank you Paulette… I am indeed privileged to have your ongoing continued attention and support. your feedback and comments, for which I am thankful, are always encouraging to say the least. You are a good friend. If I had met you and Terry during the five years I lived in West Hollywood and later in Beverly Flats on Peck Drive. I might still be living there. Who knows…life is full of unexpected twists and turns, that brought me back to France, only to move back to Canada. Go figure, adventure was to be my lot from an early age!


  1. I agree with Paulette!!! Isn’t it interesting that as we travel the “many paths” we begin to understand the journey begins within, that we have a choice on how to respond. May we chose wisely and embrace the singular voyage that is :free of chagrin.”

    • Yes it is interesting, and thus so for some of us who get to be around long enough to wake up to that journey that starts within. I say long enough, because only the baggage of living sufficiently long allows the time and privilege of that journey. Hence to recognize the choices that will lead us to that singular voyage. As you suggest, may we choose wisely from our hopefully acquired wisdom that may minimize the chagrins of life, if not totally free, on the way to that voyage of all voyages. Thanks for your feedback Rebecca…you seem to always appreciate your just right commentary touch…


      • I agree wholeheartedly – the privilege of years provide the opportunity to reflect over a period of time. Hopefully we use that period of time wisely. I do love our conversations!!

  2. The sentiment is reciprocal dear lady, and if I maybe so bold, we have the makings of a mutual admiration society, that has scarce room for but a select few who cannot be excluded!

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