“ A Mind Above ” ~ inhuman anguish ~


Wouldst thou allow

A man succumb,

To inhuman anguish

And suffer numb,

In state diminished

Fellowman forsaken,

Yet detectable signs

Of viable resolve,

Remain ignored

By we of mind above…


Whom have we become,

Who chose be indifferent

To inhuman anguish!


                                  ode to man’s evolution gone amiss…

6 thoughts on ““ A Mind Above ” ~ inhuman anguish ~

    • Thank you again Paulette, for your poignant observation. The fact that man, in the majority, is still able to ignore or turn his back on his fellowman physically or philosophically, as in for example the suggestion of building walls, or refusing to shelter the imposed upon persecuted by wars, will as long as I breathe continue to aggrieve me. We as a living creature have progressed astonishingly, save our caveman intellect opposite one another’s wellbeing, whereas even at this point possession takes precedence over surviving humanistically. How sad to have achieved so little in comparisson”


  1. I felt goosebumps when I read your poem. We live in a complex world where defining problems and finding solutions does not come easy. On one side there is fear mongering and on the other side there appears to be unrealistic expectations. “Wouldst thou allow…” This to me is the key element. Are we allowing our minds to accept “inhuman anguish.” This is the question we must ask ourselves everyday. Do we act with compassion in daily interactions? Do we give a kind word? Do we respond graciously? This is a brilliant poem – thank you, my dear friend.

    • How kind of you to express such complimentary sentiment and accolade to my humble reflection, on the state mans comportment toward his fellow being. I realize however that I seem to be forever bitching (pardon the expression) but the word expresses properly what seems to have become a repetitive habit of my making the point that people I fear may end up ignoring. Much like the two lines in my poem, fear that, of viable resolves, remain ignored. Yet I still refer to my response to Paulette, as to our rather meagre humanistic concern for each other, its stagnant development or improvement, aided by the cruelty of man-made narrow nationalism and blind religious brainwashing, instilling ignorance and fright of our unknown neighbours.


      • I was reading Eric Metaxas’s “Amazing Grace” the biography of William Wilberforce and came across this thought that I think will resonate. “What he had to say was really rather elementary: basic Christianity such as was professed in the Bible and in the doctrines of the Church of England, and to which almost everyone claimed to subscribe, was practically nonexistent in British society.” Eric Metaxas, Amazing Grace. What we say and what we do must be in line with a compassionate voice. I do enjoy our discussions. Have a great day…

      • You think well…as it does indeed resonate. By the way, no surprise as to the hypocrisy of not practicing what they claimed to subscribe, as surely they were too busy practicing the rigours of their respective class society, in one form or other. Thank you Rebecca, for this interesting tidbit. I too enjoy our exchanges, and a great day to you too!


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