“ I Am The Colour ” ~ of human disorder ~


I am the colour

Of human disorder,

That shades the stay

Of man made suffer,

While held at bay

Be cause of such pallor,

In ominous way

With spurious cover,

Feigning fair play

To thus be so coloured,

With doubtful recover

For fated mankind,

Bears not colour’s assign!

                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier


6 thoughts on ““ I Am The Colour ” ~ of human disorder ~

  1. You will be notified through our Blog platform, of course dear friend but I still wanted to stop by to tell you in person (!) that I am – with much delight – sharing your poem on my site. Just when I was feeling the dire need to refuel my creative energy, your beautiful writing appeared before my eyes. And now, it will also be a delightful sight as my “reblogged” post. Wishing you all the best in everything!

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  3. How truly considerate, and thoughtful of you dear Hülya. This kind of encouragement is the food that allows we humble scribblers to dabble in the very human art of poetry. The art of communicating, that can as well with but a few words reach out and touch our fellow others. And with time, as nature wears down on human memory, this economy of words suits well my passion for the short tableau I can remember best. Thank you again, dear friend, et à bientôt…


  4. I have been off the “grid’ for the past week or so visiting family in Edmonton, Alberta. The fires in Fort McMurray continue to rage – I appreciated the words of our Prime Minister. Your thoughts on disorder resonated with me, especially the part of feigning fair play. A reminder to persevere in the face of complex and difficult times.

    • Not enough words to express sorrow for the citizens of Fort McMurray, and the folks of Alberta whose woes with the oil situation will obviously be added hardships thru 2016.

      Yes I suppose this poem of… I Am The Colour ~ of human disorder ~ for you accenting its feigning fair play, does so to the point of one can but go on regardless and in spite of the obstacles fate throws in our path. I like what you saw, in the abstraction of this piece, of which I was hopping might offer different impressions. As you well know, that is the point I feel my words fulfilled a purpose. Thanks my friend!


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