“ Democracy’s Camouflage ” ~ of hand me down politics ~


Iniquitous we’ll agree

Life in a system rigged

Implied our democracy,

Alas where now to run

That we may be free,

From ignorance spun

In camouflaged debris,

Of hand me down

Political philosophy,

Said immoral fodder

For we the citizenry,

Made bear this anomaly

To feed the powers that be!


                                       Ode to Trumpeting  a Mayor’s Wall…


5 thoughts on ““ Democracy’s Camouflage ” ~ of hand me down politics ~

    • Ah my dear Paulette… I have been around long enough to have heard near all of the political rhetoric imaginable, and I’ve yet to have heard any with exceptionally creative imagination, save the old classics like Ben Franklin’s barb on the banks etc. So to find the answer of where to run from ignorance, I’m afraid politics as we know it can only lead to a dead end or the like. I will tell you if I should find the answer, so please do the same for me.


  1. A brilliant reminder to keep learning and open to ideas that seek positive outcomes for all. We live in a narcissistic society that yearns for wholeness. It begins with me…

    • You are ever so right my friend. For me it’s got to the point when I hear or use the word “democracy” I cringe. Sadly it has come to the point, that its overuse now seems like a catch word, with a robot like numbness of a “how are you” that is said without thinking. It reminds me of an old Henny Youngman one liner joke…when the fellow greeting a friend asks, ‘How are you’…and the one asked replies, “Why you asking, did you talk to my doctor? In other words, so often thoughtlessly repeated, these sayings loose all meaning and become irrelevant when we need them most. Thank you for this Rebecca, seeking positive outcomes is the way if we are to reinstate respect of our desperate need for communications that achieve.


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