“ Dismay ” ~ best left behind ~


I’ve lived such days

But chose ignore,

Endured dismay

I so deplored,

Without want say

Holds irate enmity

One could not see,

Till be made suffer

Effort find agree,

To compensate

Seen simple way,

Before too late

Bid live carefree

Of life’s dismay,

Said be best left behind!


6 thoughts on ““ Dismay ” ~ best left behind ~

    • Hey Paulette,

      Thank you my friend…
      When your mind gets with the program, take notes so that you can let me know how, and I too can have a go!


  1. So well said, my dear Jean-Jacques!! “Bid live carefree.” This is especially important as we move on in our personal timeline. The more we live, the more memories collect. Happiness depends upon which memories we chose to remember and those we “But chose ignore.” I’m going to take this thought with me today… Thank you!

    • I love the way you open windows of interpretation… What you say about how and what you see in the picture my words create, as in the fashion that shadows can incite enough doubt, you are comfortable in giving said picture an interpretation of absolute comfort and conviction. Like looking at a painting that leaves room for one’s reaching imagination. When that happens to my work, masquerading as poems, I almost feel as though I may be getting it right. How very kind of you to offer your so well expressed understanding of the piece, giving it a broader and welcome range of interpretation. A goal I am constantly trying to achieve. Thank you Rebecca!

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • I do hope his youthful enthusiasm can stand the weight of time! If only the political mind had not been wired by ancient Greece, the epithet of the origin of democracy. That form of governance where the mastership of the people is an absolute authority. Sounds more dictatorial than democratic to me, when you consider how little say we have outside of the circle of power!

        Sorry to be such a spoil sport…


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