” Living Life ” ~ close to the edge ~


You feel ’tis habit

After  while,

Tho ambles close

To reconcile,

‘Tis bound to blur

A willing spirit,

Of weak epidermis,

Who’d loathe fit

Living life dimly,

So aims  to stick

Close to the edge!


8 thoughts on “” Living Life ” ~ close to the edge ~

    • Thank you Paulette… Yes epidermis is indeed close to the edge, thus one imagines more easily feels intensely, save they who are naturally quick (as in second nature) to realize one must make use of the youth’s short lived energy, the while congruously absorbs the maximum this short life affords. Jean-Jacques

    • Pour moi et s’eux qui vive leur vie d’une façon intense, à m’ont avis, comme moi le font à plain. Et vu que cette période sur terre n’est pas très longue, il faut mieux en tirer le maximum de ce petit cadeau qu’on dit la vie.

      To live close to the edge be for me, and those who share my philosophy, live more so in an intense fashion, thus to maximize this rather meagre period we are granted in this short life.

  1. Powerful words – “living life dimly.” This is the best definition of “mediocrity” that I have ever come upon. How often we are tempting to let the moment slip by without a celebration, without a smile, without a thought. We accept mediocrity easily because we are not prepared to engage, really engage with the hours that are given to us. Every breath we take is a miracle! And miracles demand that we live boldly!! Happy thoughts coming your way…

    • Happy thoughts indeed, of appreciation for recognition such, as to highlight so eloquently my humble words, that speaks angst of need to reject living dimly, as expressed in the well chosen word of mediocrity, standing in the way of getting close to the edge, where life is truly lived. Thank you Rebecca, thank you for this powerful analysis! Jean-Jacques

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