“ Hiding ”~ inside time ~

We chose hiding

Thus not to see,

Days accumulate

In fulgent degree,

Beg to decelerate

Its senescence art,

For to compensate

By young at heart,

Would inside time

Only suffer to hide,

From fading mind

We allege ‘tis alive,

In its state of decline!


5 thoughts on ““ Hiding ”~ inside time ~

  1. In a “state of decline” seems to be the mode of operation here. Watch out, we may be moving to Canada! “We” meaning citizens of the U.S. who are scratching our heads at the recent political events. I know it’s not the topic of your lovely poem but your last line reminded me of this.

    • Thank you my friend! As to decline, hard to forget, when we as well as you, are bombarded daily from countless sources with the rhetoric you infer. A head scratcher for sure, and a frightening one at that. However we must believe that there are sufficient numbers of intelligent American voters, to choose other than radical destructive people to lead their nation, whose agenda does not smack of racism, discrimination, and religious bigotry, sadly suggesting a decline indeed. Jean-Jacques

  2. My mother (who has just turned 85) and I had a conversation about the verb “decline” just a few days ago. Her words to me was that we need to reinvent who we are at ever stage of our lives so as to embrace what we truly are inside. There is no “hiding” from the aging process, which everyone seems to think is our “declining” years. True, the body does slow down but there are so many other ways to decline. I love the words, “Hiding” inside time. If we do not fully live the moments, or ache for the past or long for future hopes, then that is the state of decline. And that can happen when at any age. What a marvelous dialogue you have created in this poem. Thank you, Jean-Jacques. Have a wonderful day.

    • Well done my dear Rebecca. You have captured an essence of my poem that gives another insight on man attempting to cope with the shortness of life, and in spite of its insecurities remains anxious that it allows enough time to rejoice in it. Even if he never really understands its limitations, and the rather short stay he is granted to come to terms with its implications. For it will always move too fast for him, conscious or not it is ultimately he himself who has and continues to set the standards of rapidity his life will productively last, long or short.

      I echo your mother’s wisdom of re-invention, for I have lived my whole life so far, and since curiosity took control of my then very young mind. If you should peek at my blog’s ‘About Jean-Jacques Fournier ‘ in the second paragraph you will find that very claim, as it is on the back cover of all my books. This philosophy has taken me to many parts of our complicated but wonderful world. Thank you my friend for being there! Jean-Jacques

      • It is a true delight to engage in a conversation with you. The more I live, the more I realize that we must make peace with ourselves. We are engaged in an inward journey, first and foremost. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.

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