“ Losing ” ~ physical presence ~


In life held abstraction

Be corporeal existence,

Of evolutionary progress

In our accomplishments

Losing to physical presence,

When point volte-face

Be the visual circumstance,

Finds coalescence cast

In gradual fade advance,

Of body’s transient existence!


2 thoughts on ““ Losing ” ~ physical presence ~

    • You’re right Paulette, about hard to grasp the unreal aspect of reality, at least of our life and its transient existence as humans. For in the overall scheme of things we humans are like a summer moth who will not see another day.

      This early morning I was informed by phone, that a very long time friend of mine (from our early twenties) had died last night. That sure has one thinking of transient existence. As a result of this phone call, this little poem ‘Losing’ I had played with for a couple of days, came to an easy sudden finish. It was as if my old and gone friend was writing the words for me.

      Thank you, Paulette for your appreciation. Jean-Jacques

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