“ My World ” ~ in peril ~

In predictable peril

Be now my world,

Made fatally ill

By apathetic ogres

Who covet excess,

To feed their power,

For want of posses,

Thus be man’s state

In a world gone to hell,

Yet ignores its fate

And chooses not tell,

We’re destined endure

A moribund dwell,

Tho once vibrant world

Now exists in unsure,

As man deaf and demur

Tends cause damage afar,

While ecological cure

Be word fix he holds thin,

Save its echo he knows

Whirls in ne’er ending spin!


2 thoughts on ““ My World ” ~ in peril ~

    • Yes it is scary, especially for the upcoming and future generations. For their sakes, I hope this generation will leave enough for them to be able to right the wrongs we and our predecessors leave behind, in such disorder. Disorder to the point of science already exploring other planets man might be able to live on, if mankind can’t get its act together on earth, soon enough to survive here.

      Thanks for the well said, dear friend! Jean-Jacques

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