“ A Man Whole” ~ holds fervid soul ~


As I grow whole

Will event hold,

Or fail acquire

A fervid soul,

To render mind

Suitably bold,

That so in time

Be a man whole,

Afore I realize

I’d grown too old,

To effort recognize!



7 thoughts on ““ A Man Whole” ~ holds fervid soul ~

  1. This is an excellent question. Youth has strength, mid-life has burdens and responsibilities that lead to the acquisition of wisdom (hopefully). By the time we become “whole” do we have the fervor of youth? Or do we become discontent with the aging process. There seems to be a fork in the road and a decision to make; to celebrate and embrace or become ‘too old, To effort recognize!” Excellent thoughts, Jean-Jacques!

    • What a wonderful analytic mind you have, and how well you expose the intent of this particular writing, once again probing with never ending questions, in search of who I and my fellow beings are or might be. Your response makes the words of this poem resonate, and opens another most interesting direction to this recent humble offer. Thank you Rebecca. Always a welcome pleasure to get your reactions on my work. Jean-Jacques

      • I look forward to every one of your posts. My poem for today was “Another Place – a state of mind – “In time I’ll reach Another place, But for the while I reason find A musing space, Where vibrant minds Thus so feeds mine…”

      • You are indeed the ultimate morale booster! However, though I have written, un soupçon, less than 1,600 serious poems in the last 25 years or so, I find to express the emotional pleasure of reading the likes of your ever so rewarding compliment, still leaves me lost for proper words of merit to show my appreciation. This sure makes up for the days in writer’s hell, and I thank you for it…!


    • Thanks Paulette for your encouraging words. And yes I too agree with the Rebecca’s right on interpretation of A Man Whole, and his journey to achieve, if he chooses in a positive manner, and of course before he is too old to muster up the wherewithal. Jean-Jacques

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