“ If Life Should Be Forever ” ~ might this hold being free ~

If one could live forever

Might this hold being free,

Or confuse so the measure

Of a wishful thinking spree,

Else be of bent mind clever

The while deny bid’s plea,

To objurgate a moot debate

On life spans short decree,

By the gods of fixing fate

Who exact this mortal fee,

On mankind destined state

Beckons thus eternal sleep,

Tho beg delay expiry date

We’ve to exit existence’s keep,

Lest this life should be forever!


2 thoughts on ““ If Life Should Be Forever ” ~ might this hold being free ~

    • And so have I pondered, still do but with time (more precisely age) in retrospect inclined to have thought it would be a kind of freedom, yet as years drop off believing it surely would in time be very confusing. Especially seeing your intimates and loved ones aging way beyond yourself and what this ultimately implies. However an interesting issue of imagination, sufficient in part to have caused the writing of this poem… and hopefully provoking others to comment, as you have dear Paulette. I thank you for this, my friend! Jean-Jacques

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