“ The Mind ” ~ of a voiceless child ~

Looking to hide

In a ravaged crowd,

Where war has him bide

In rag-torn shrouds,

For all that be left

Of this voiceless child,

Be a mind bereft

Feeling cast aside,

In a torturous tide

Of victims’ loud cries,

As dead bodies fall

From gory guns bane

Of spent soldiers insane,

That no longer recall

Were once poets near all,

Now brain-damaged mob

Be creatures caballed

Who follow a broken god,

Said maker of orphans

Who find shelter in rubble,

A place they’d once called home!

                                                                           ode to war orphaned children

4 thoughts on ““ The Mind ” ~ of a voiceless child ~

    • Thank you for responding Rebecca. To express the sadness came rather easily, with the influence of never ending journalistic and other assorted exposure, of what so-called benevolent man’s cruelty is constantly showering upon humanity. Emphasized in spades by a film we just watched called “The Search” about Russia warring with Chechnya and the consequences of it focused on creating child orphans.

      Those glaring indelible images and all the others like them with which we keep getting bombarded, will not be erased from my sorry mind to the very end of me. My limited, humble words cannot do justice to that level of suffering, but we must not stop making the point, though one’s sound is but a whisper in the overall scheme of life. Jean-Jacques

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