“ Realism ” ~ of vague define ~

Why so strive,

Ne’er knowing

If attempts

At realism

Will survive,

Thus so to find

A pragmatic

State of mind,

Treats no offers

Of dubious tempt

Or bleak design,

As sad enactments

Of relics in erst time,

For reality we seek

Ever suffers vague define,

Yet we’ll persist

In spite of every miss!

5 thoughts on ““ Realism ” ~ of vague define ~

  1. “Yet we’ll persist / In spite of every miss!” Dear Jean-Jacques, I have read your poem as if you had written it only for me, hinting at a question format with your last lines: Why do “we persist / In spite of every miss [?]” Hmm…you have just provoked a thought, dear friend…

    • Always an exceptional feeling when something you write provokes sufficiently to encourage someone to tell you so. Most especially an added dimention to said feeling when it comes from someone of your stature my good friend. Thank you for that dear Hülya… Jean-Jacques

      • Your writings always provoke me more than sufficiently to tell you so but I unfortunately am not there to share those thoughts with you more frequently. And for that, I am sad, dear Jean-Jacques, despite the fact that I know you understand…as always: you have my best wishes and full-fletched enthusiasm for creating more of your poetic art!

      • Dear Hüyla…What an extraordinary and even touching thought, hearing or reading that one’s words can, may and sometimes does provoke more than is sufficient for the reader. Especially when this comes from someone held in the highest regards. I thank you dear friend for your words of heart felt encouragement. And yes of course I not only understand, but am always grateful when one affords any or even a modicum of time for such thoughts as yours concerning my written reflections, that you so kindly refer to as poetic art. Jean-Jacques

      • …I am not giving up on a fantasy of mine: with plenty of time to read and write, write and read, and so on and so on…and you should know, dear Jean-Jacques that I will surround myself with more than ample amount of your books…

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