“ Privacy ” ~ an illusional fallacy ~

Privacy be mockery

And illusional fallacy,

It drools suffer fools

Despite their need

Of secure conceal,

With unviable hold

Exacts secret seal,

While truth be told

Spying technology

Of legislator control,

Has this age of ology

Rule even ones soul,

With pathetic assure

Ostensibly bold,

Be political manure,

Of infertile maintain

Who offer a populace

Believing false claim,

Of inviolable privacy!

7 thoughts on ““ Privacy ” ~ an illusional fallacy ~

    • Thanks my friend… though not yet reading your book, and hopeful of receiving it soon, I am aware of the subject matter and yes this poem does indeed align with your latest book. Jean-Jacques

    • Hello Hülya… always comforting and reassuring to find that someone you admire has missed you or your work, and for this I thank you, dear friend. Please be assured that ignorant cannot be of issue as far as you are concerned. That I have been thru most of July and August, doing the final touches on my soon to be published book number 12 is the reason. Eighty-five poems as you know demands much time and attention, and not much time left for posting, up til now that is.

      Pleased that you favoured this last writing, and doubly pleased hearing from you dear lady! Jean-Jacques

      • Book number 12, dear Jean-Jacques, book number 12, and with eighty-five poems, at that! My heartfelt congratulations are now racing toward you together with my thanks for your eloquent words in your description of me, or in your addressing me. I take pride in the fact that for you I am a friend, as you are for me. And this admiring friend takes much pleasure in another fact: namely, that you are so beautifully busy with your poetry. May you just keep composing those lovely verses for times to come!

      • Thank you again, and yes the elements willing I will indeed keep composing, for that part of my being has a life of its own, with its addictive bent that is too deeply routed to cure. It is also a great way to relieve frustration.

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