“ Followed Heroes ” ~ that weren’t ~

We followed heroes

That weren’t,

They who sent boys

In their stead

To get burnt,

Maimed, lamed

Or wretchedly dead…


We follow cowards,

Who professed

To undo the mess,

Of affluent power

Held un-confessed,


Of partisan-fests,

Only to find

They heroed us blind,

To pocket what’s yours

And what’s mine…


Yet we the naive

Follow heroes that aren’t,

Who cause us grieve,

The while charade

Fixing the morrows,

To incarnate their masquerade!

4 thoughts on ““ Followed Heroes ” ~ that weren’t ~

    • Thank you Paulette. We are living the same in Canada with our federal election upon us this coming October. All the pseudo saviour heroes are jockeying for position to lead us to the promise land, with the usual lies and broken promises dancing on the strings of the financial power puppeteers. Politics the world over don’t you know! Jean-Jacques

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