“ Reaching ” ~ beyond ~

In my attempt

To reach beyond,

A stride the length

Of friendships bond,

Want but to take

Unwavering step,

To thus find place

Allegiance kept,

Composed of men

Who lost and wept,

Yet create space

They mean abide,

Blind now and then

To critical misguide,

For steps that echo

A language of regard!

4 thoughts on ““ Reaching ” ~ beyond ~

    • Thank you Paulette. I know what you’re saying my friend, but in spite of it I tend to remain a hopeless optimist on mankind’s possibilities thru future generations. They who may finally refuse to continue to be brainwashed thru present day manipulations by power and its inherent greed, destroying everything in its path, including this planet at their present rate, to feed and achieve their insatiable demands. Jean-Jacques

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